Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm Not Ready

I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat and body aches. I left work early, holed myself up on the couch and binge watched Friends.  For the past 3 days, I have loaded up on Vitamin C & E, drowned myself in hot tea and honey and soup and Coldeeze.  It's Thursday, and while I don't feel worse, I don't feel like I could run a half marathon. I have a doctors appointment today because of course I have a cold or strep or the plague something.

My thoughts over the past few days:

  • Richmond is on Saturday.
  • You have a cold and need to get better now.
  • You just HAD to get sick.

  • Did I mention that Richmond is happening in like 48-ish hours ?
  • Whoa, that tea is way too hot.
  • You're not ready for Richmond. You should have run more. You wouldn't have died if you went for a 5 miler or something. Just because you get dizzy walking the dogs doesn't mean anything. Psh. Suck it up.

  • Maybe you could just not run it.
  • How did my tea get cold already ? Stupid 5 second drinkable window.
  • Do you remember how much money you spent to run this half ?! We have zero dollars.  You need to run.  Can't lose that money.

  • So, I guess I wouldn't DIE if I ran Richmond.  It would just suck.
  • Heh heh, Ross and Rachel in Vegas.  Hello Mrs, Ross !

  • Okay, it's really just my throat that hurts. Who needs their throat when they're running ?
  • Stop thinking about Richmond. Stop thinking about Richmond. Stop thinking about Richmond.
  • Now I'm thinking about the IT crowd.

(Same Richmond, Same.)

  • Maybe it's not a cold and the doctor has drugs that can fix this ?
  • Maybe it's strep ! They have drugs for that ! I could run with that !
  • I should probably make an appointment. And more tea. 
  • Okay, focus on happy things. Give yourself a pep talk !

So that's kind of where we're at.  Freaking out, trying to be positive and trying not to think about Richmond even though that's the only thing I can think about.  As of typing this, I have no idea if I'll be running on Saturday or if I'll be Brian's cheerleader.  Please send me good thoughts, vibes, ancient voodoo rituals, etc.  I'm going to go cry in a corner.


  1. YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE. If nothing else, just look at the bright side: It's not like you pulled a major muscle in your leg the day before, or had your IT band fizzle out and die less than halfway through the course. YOU CAN DO THISSSS. Don't underestimate the power of race day adrenaline either.

  2. Oh no!!!!!! I'm going with what she said ^. You're going to be fine! You still have TWO days to recover :) Of course no race is worth majorly sacrificing your health, but I hope the doctor can help you out and at least get you appropriately drugged (you know, enough to feel better but not so much that you're incapacitated). The first time I ran City of Oaks I had a bad cold and wasn't even sure the night before that I was going to run it and then not only did I run but I PRed soooo you never know! FEEL BETTER!

  3. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I hope by now you are feeling 100x better and ready to rock it! If it doesn't go as well as you planned than you can try again! My half is Saturday as well, I'll be sending you positive vibes as I'm running! Best of luck!


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