Sunday, September 4, 2016

Richmond Training #2

Richmond Training - Week 2

Taking a page from Tracy's book, I'm not calling my training recaps "Sunday Sweats"...because they will probably never get updated on a Sunday.

Monday: Ran - 2.5 Miles | 11:19/mi

I meant to get up early and run but that didn't happen.  This was a quick run to make sure that I keep my legs moving during the week.  That's my big goal for this half: keep the training consistent.

Tuesday: Rest

I got a temp crown today - there was a lot of crying, being angry I couldn't eat anything, and just overall annoyance at my teeth. 

Wednesday: Barre - XT - 1 hour

I got up at 5AM, ready to teach my 6AM class...only no one showed up.  I didn't have access to the system (I do now !) so I didn't know that no one signed up ! No big deal, that just meant I was able to grab coffee and then take Katie's 6PM class.  It was nice to be able to let my brain rest and my body got an awesome workout !

Thursday: Ran - 3.2 Miles | 12:01/mi

During the week it's hard for me to run for anything over 30-40 minutes because life. And it had been hot.  So I was happy that a little light rain happened and let me push for just over 3 miles. 

Friday: Barre - XT - 45 Minutes

Taught my biggest class today ! I love teaching the 6AM class because that means when I'm done with work, I'm done. Friday nights are RuPaul's Drag Race night with friends so it's a win-win !

Saturday: Ran - 6 Miles | 11:54/mi

I was super shocked that I managed to do this run.  Reedy Creek Trail into Umstead is awesome on the way TO Umstead; it's pretty much uphill on the way back. The weather was just so amazing that I didn't even notice.  Now is when the long runs start to make me happy because each week is "This is the longest I've run since April !"  Also, The Princess Bride happened outside at the Art Museum and I may have passed out for the pit of despair.  

Sunday: Rest

Today was "catch up" day.  Brian and I walked around Downtown Raleigh for a little bit, ate awesome hot dogs (seriously, the fries at this hot dog place are so close to boardwalk fries that I fiend for them) and became Kohl's addicts.  I bought a crock pot.  Needless to say, dinner was delicious.

One thing I noticed this week was that I'm actually ENJOYING my training.  While I still have to remind myself, "Get out and do it," it's not torture to get up and run like my brain remembers past training.  I think it's just taken me this long to find the groove and figure out how to balance training and life.

Weekly Totals:
Running:  11.7 miles
XT:  1.75 hours

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  1. yayyy for enjoying training! and double yay for the princess bride. i watched that on saturday or sunday, for approx the millionth time. sigh. so good. congrats on your 6 mile run! high five! sorry about teeth crap, that is the WORST.


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