Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday Sweats (on Monday) #1

If I put my weekly training recap up on Monday, can they still be Sunday Sweats ? I say yes, since it's my blog and I do what I want !

Richmond Training - Week 1

This week was my first official week of Richmond Half Marathon training.  Because, um...oops.  I decided to do a half.  Blame Alyssa.
This whole week I felt like this:

Pretty sure I looked like this:

Who cares ?! I still went out and did the damn thing.

Monday: Zip.
Traveling back from NJ.  

Tuesday: Nada.
Wrote Training plan.  That totally counts for something.

Wednesday: XT-45 min
I taught my 6AM barre class. I'm loving the challenge ! Now that I've gotten my nerves out of the way, I'm trying to change it up occasionally and not do the same routine every time I teach.  I'm much more aware of the cues I need to give and my timing is getting better.  This class was a little rushed at the end but hey, better to go over 3 minutes than cut anyone short.

Thursday: Ran - 2.4 miles | 11:22/mi pace
I woke up at 5:30AM to try and get some miles in before work since my parents would be in town that night.  I wanted to go for 3 but I ran out of time (I still needed to shower before work).  Felt really good about this one.

Friday: XT - 45 min
Taught the 6AM class again.  Probably my best class to date !

Saturday: Ran 5.1 miles | 12:13/mi pace
I surprised the crap out of myself on this one.  Super slow but I'm totally okay with it because I went out with the intention of running 4-5 miles figuring I would get about 4.5 miles and be good.  And I was feeling awesome until I realized they closed the sidewalk on the main road I was running on and that I had to detour...into a neighborhood...uphill. I ended up just over 5 after stopping at the coffee shop to fill up on water because it was HOT.  But I did it !

Sunday: Rest
I used to do my long runs on Sunday but all my races are on Saturday's this fall (except City of Oaks...way to screw that up !) So I fully intend to enjoy my Sunday's off !

Weekly Totals:
Running: 7.5 miles
XT: 1.5 hours


  1. Glad to hear you're finding your groove as a barre instructor! Nice job crushing those 5 miles, way to start off your training!

  2. that first gif hahaha i neeeeeeeeeeever look like that but *sometimes* i might feel half as fast. lol. hey guess who else is doing the richmond half?!

  3. I stopped calling my posts Sunday Sweats because Sunday turned into Monday then Tuesday then Wednesday and beyond so it just wasn't working anymore haha.
    No joke, writing a training plan is just as time consuming and exhausting as a workout! This sounds like a great first week! I'm so impressed by your teaching barre, especially at 6am! You go.


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