Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Wednesday !

Confession:  I'm very much looking forward to spin class tonight...even though I will probably be doing nothing but spinning on low resistance for the entirety of the class in order to not aggravate this aggravating injury.  Mostly because I get to see Meghan but also because I'm hoping that the instructor found a way to get "Sissy That Walk" into the rotation.  That would pretty much make my week. And speaking of confession, it's that time of the week again ! 

Vodka and Soda

I'm pretty sure if this wasn't a short week, I would have figured out a way to MAKE it a short week.  The frequency in which "bad days" at work are increasing to "bad weeks" is just way too much for this girl right now.  My ability to handle stupid and annoying has reached its limit.

I had my performance review at work (I mentioned it yesterday) and while I'm trying to take it with a grain of salt, mostly I'm just throwing my middle fingers up and moving on with life.

(This will be me soon)

I would really love to wake up one day and not hurt.  I would love to be able to go on a run and not go "well, that's gonna hurt later...or now." It would be awesome if I could get over this wall instead of running into it again...and again...and again...

I have no food in my apartments.  I've also run out of M&M's which is actually worse for me than not having real food.

I'm still in relatively good spirits though which is kind of a big deal for me.  Outside of work I get to hang out with awesome people who make the bad stuff not so bad.  Which is kick ass because it makes me not care about stupid people.

So in summation, This:

And this:

One more day people and then BRING ON THE 3 DAY WEEKEND !!  Have anything you need to get out ? I wanna hear it !


  1. Okay that baby falling gif is freaking adorable, but the sentiment before it isn't as nice :( I know it well too. Between plantar fasciitis, the way I quite possibly wrecked my Achilles on Monday's run, and all the joint problems and back/shoulder/neck pain I've had my whole life — plus the migraines, of course — I know what you mean. Here's hoping, for both our sakes. Oh and PRAISE that tomorrow is "Friday!" Otherwise I'm sure we'd both be in for a lottt of trouble.

  2. Totally loving all of these gifs! And yayyyy for a 3 day weekend!! whoohoo!

  3. Those last 2 gifs are TOTALLY me right now!

  4. you win with the gifs today! love love. hope you stop being sore, and so freaking happy it's a short week. can today be friday?

  5. My back-up candy stash is gone too. M&Ms would definitely be nice!

  6. So sorry things aren't going your way lately. I'm going through an "Everything can stop hurting now, kthx" phase too :( Enjoy your short week and your 3-day weekend!

  7. So sorry things aren't going your way lately. I'm going through an "Everything can stop hurting now, kthx" phase too :( Enjoy your short week and your 3-day weekend!

  8. I decided today while I was out suffering in the 90+° that I had to set a limit for myself, otherwise I was gonna hurt myself and set my training back. BUT YAY LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

  9. I'm going to start dressing like Wonder Woman and see where that takes me lol ;)

  10. OMG the batman meme!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's hilarious. my team is pretty much geeky so if i came in dressed as any superhero, i'd be rewarded LOL

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda


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