Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My head is loud.

We all know what day it is. Let's get to it !

Vodka and Soda

  • I have a love/hate relationship with my hair during the summer: I hate it but love that everyone else loves it.  Personally I feel like it'll never look good no matter what I do. Thanks humidity !
  • I started an awesome book last night and now I don't want to do anything but sit at Cup A Joe and read it until I'm done.  Stupid work getting in the way of my bookworm-ness.
  • My stress level is reaching critical.  I know I'm crazy stressed when I don't have any music playing in my car - and don't even notice until I get out of the car and realize I never even opened spotify.  This is a bad thing. It means a mental breakdown is imminent because my head has WAY too much going on. Let's hope I can sort some things out before I spiral into a sea of crazy.

  • I wish I had a nice savings account so I could just quit my job and chill while I look for a new one.  I could use a good 2 week break.
  • Tonight is the last spin class before instructor Matt leaves for like a month.  But Amy from Adidas is doing another wear test of my favorite shoes tonight. (I went on and on about them here)  Conflicted !
  • I'm getting super lazy (more so than normal).  Not "I haven't showered in a week because I'm too lazy to" kind of lazy.  I will purposely do nothing when I'm in my apartment so that things don't get messed up and so I don't have to clean them.  I went and bought an outfit for like $10 from Target because I was too lazy to do laundry. I get made fun of constantly for ripping and dipping my bagel into the cream cheese container just so I don't have to use the knife. 

  • Since I can't just up and leave my job, I want a week (outside of PTO) of "mental health days" AKA Netflix binge watching days.
  • I'm internally freaking out about going to the chiropractor on Saturday because I've never been.
  • Currently, the only thing I want to do is go crawl back into bed and sleep.

I'm going to go hunt down some cinnamon rolls now.  While I do that, you can tell me all your secrets :)


  1. All I got out of this post was that I should have picked up some cinnamon rolls at the grocery store! ;)

  2. I have the exact same relationship with my hair. I hate it, but I love when people compliment me on it! #notsorry

  3. OMG you're going to a chiropractor?! YAYAYAYAY this makes me so happy. I hope it's as helpful for you as it has been for me! {Well, maybe not in alllll the same ways but you know what I mean haha} Let me know how it goes!!

  4. what book? i'm looking for book recos.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  5. I thought I was the only one that knew it was about to go down if I ignored my music because too much was going on in my head! Good to know someone else has this going on....My head always feels too loud though! Also what book? I'm always looking for a new one!


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