Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Back !

My apologies for not informing you that I would not be blogging last week.

Well I'm back now ! And rather than just tell you what I've done the past two weekends, I'll show you !

I've been trying to have fun and relax and do normal summer things when I don't have to be at work. Like reading at the pool.

There was an awesome adventure to a coffee shop I'd never been to and adventures at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences downtown.  For those of you that have been keeping up with the news last week, no.  Brian and I did NOT steal the dinosaur from the museum.  But thanks for thinking of us !

Whenever I miss the city (New York)  I love going to downtown Raleigh.

That weekend ended pretty epically at Umstead.

The week was an interesting combination of stress and awesomeness. Let's just say I get to hang out with my best friend basically everyday and it's pretty much the best thing ever which negates any negative stuff I had to deal with.  Also, there was a showdown at the WeebleNugget corral over the last dog was intense:

And this past weekend was more fun adventures ! Took the dogs to Woof Gang bakery in North Hills where Sadie preceded to take it upon herself and show no self control whatsoever and cost me an extra $15 because she just HAD to eat the cookies they had out on the table (which means I also bought them some treats since they obviously liked them so much).  Ryker rode in his usual puppy co-pilot seat.

(Trying to catch him giving kisses NEVER happens...this is as close as I got)

I did something AWESOME to my hair on Saturday but I don't have any good pictures...once I do, prepare to be spammed because I'm in love.  

This past weekend also had a fun road trip ending up at the Cape Fear River.  I decided to climb out onto the rocks and felt it would be best to leave my phone on the shore.  Budget permitting, I'm getting a waterproof case soon so I can TAKE ALL THE PICTURES (aka I'm planning on going back so don't feel too bad about not getting a million pictures this time) !

(One I managed to get of the old bridge)

As if the weekend wasn't already awesome enough, I got to end it with a visit to one of my favorite places to eat:

(I'm pretty sure I died and went to tater tot heaven.)

And before I forget (because I've been doing that A LOT today) I'm linking up again:

And now it's back to reality (and the work week).  While I generally despise Mondays, it's usually only until 5 when I can unchain myself from my desk, lace up some running shoes, and head outside for some much needed fresh air...if the humidity decides to cooperate and not set my lungs on fire.  Come back tomorrow and see how my run went and for an update on how my training for my first half marathon EVER is going/what the game plan is.  I'm pretty excited about it !! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great weekend !


  1. Someone stole a dinosaur from the museum?! How the heck did they pull that off?

  2. Loving hearing that you're having such great adventures and there are so many happy things! xo

  3. What an eventful weekend! So fun!


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