Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday randomness

Yesterday sucked.  It wasn't all bad, but an unfortunate event otherwise known as a performance review, sucked out all the happiness I could have had for the day in order to maintain my composure and not get myself fired.  I honestly spent most of my day confused and angry.

I did however, have a meeting with the director of MALS (Masters of Liberal Studies) at NC State and that made a world of difference.  Mostly because it made me remember that I'm not meant to be behind a desk, selling my happiness and sanity for a paycheck.  

So I'm working on rethinking my future and a few major life changes that will hopefully happen. I've made leaps and bounds in the past year about putting myself first and thinking about what is and will be best for me, not only in the short term, but long term goals as well.  In the last year alone:
  • Moved to Raleigh (I was originally in Durham and hated it - no offense to those that live there and love it !) and did a giant apartment upgrade for me and the mutts
  • Quit smoking after 9 years
  • Joined a gym and got a personal trainer
  • Started running
  • Started training for a half marathon
  • Got a job that allows me to be financially independent (regardless of my personal feelings about it currently)
the list can go on and on.  After feeling really down yesterday, I think it's best to remind myself of all the amazing things happening and how much good I have.  

I will say that the best part of yesterday was how amazing and wonderful the 3 most important people in my life were.  Tour guide, confidants, cheerleaders, etc, I know I can count on them for anything.  If it wasn't for them, I would NOT have the energy, drive, or hope to keep my head up and not let stupid things get me down.


Time to put all that negativity from yesterday away, keep the drive and fire it lit under my ass and focus on the fun things !  Like soccer...

Sorry all, it's not my forte.  I can talk to you for days about baseball, but you lose me during soccer.  I'll just say "Go sports !" and leave it at that.  (I really just wanted an excuse to use this IT Crowd gif that I found this morning - don't judge me)

In the wake of the mixed emotions presented in today's post, I wanted to leave you with some fun YouTube videos because they're pretty awesome and everyone needs a laugh:

This one is about a year old, but I still get a good laugh at it every time:

What're your favorite YouTube videos when you need a good laugh ?

Now it's time for this girl to go polish her resume and partake in $2 Tuesdays at Gigi's cupcakes.  Cupcakes can be lunch right ? Right.  Thanks for reading !


  1. I'm really proud of you :) now go enjoy a cupcake for me, will you? xo

  2. Um, you have kicked ass in the last year! That's so much to be proud of. I still think it's so awesome that you live in Raleigh. I love visiting my sister- and brother-in-law there! I doubt I'd move anywhere further south than I already live, but if I ever did, that's definitely the only city I could see myself in.
    OMG that IT crowd gif...I've seen it a few times and could definitely relate. Then yesterday I went to a bar to watch the game (I'm not sure why - I'm a total baseball girl too)...honestly I think it was the first time I've ever really seen a soccer game and I was like..that gif, YES, so much yes!


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