Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Confessions - Disney Style

By now, you all know what day it is.  So let's get to it !

Vodka and Soda

// I had one of my best runs ever last night.  Not like time wise or anything, but just overall awesome.  Basically it was this:

// I'm not even going to talk about my job.  Or how much I would rather be doing anything else.  Anyone really good at resumes and want to help a girl out ?!  I am THE worst. 

// I will procrastinate HARD just so I don't have to go to work.  This morning I sat down and watched a good 10 minutes of Phineas and Ferb.  I knew it was bad when they said "I know what we're going to do today !" and I went "Yay !...Oh.  I should leave now."

// I'm that girl belting out Disney songs while stuck in traffic. My favorite part is seeing peoples reactions to me singing (and gesturing).  Priceless.  Sorry you can't all be as cool as me.

// I've been obsessed with all things Disney since the womb.  When I was little younger, on one of my first (of 10 so far) trips to Disney World, I went through the entire park screaming the Mickey Mouse Club song.  Except I couldn't spell.  So at the top of my lungs, I'm screaming singing "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-S-O-U-E !"  Yes, I thought everyone was laughing and "aww-ing" because I was cute and adorable, not because I was a moron.

// I hate seeing all those "Disney gave me unrealistic expectation about boys/hair/life" quotes.  Disney never gave me unrealistic expectations about those things.  It did however, make me think that I could be a mermaid.  I still believe that it could happen.  Seriously, any day now.

//  I don't have to buy lunch today or eat goldfish because *someone* is super awesome and put a lunch together for me !  On the outside I was all like "Aw ! Thanks !" and on the inside I was all like "OMG HE'S THE BEST HUMAN EVER AND THIS IS AWESOME AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW AWESOME THIS IS AND I ACTUALLY HAVE FOOD AND NOT JUNK TO EAT !"  Sorry to brag but it's pretty much the best thing to happen ever.  Even though I really want M&M's still, I need to learn that they're a snack and not a meal. Le sigh.

//  All this Disney talk has made me want to plan another trip to Disney World.  Who wants to go !?!?!  Let's do this.  I'm serious.  Group trip to the happiest place on earth ? Yes please.

What're your confessions ? Tell me, tell me, tell me !


  1. Have you heard of these fins? It's kind of like being a mermaid...

  2. When I was younger, I thought I could be a care bear and gave people "the care bear stare" on more than one occasion.

  3. I love belting me out some Disney songs! Woot woot!

  4. Hahaha I love it when someone else prepares my lunch- pretty much the best thing ever! And no worries, you can still eat the M&M's in that afternoon slump!

  5. 1. I'm actually heartbroken that you haven't asked me to look at your resume yet. Send it over.
    2. Hhahahahaha MSOUE <3
    3. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING outwardly you were all OMG OMG OMG too. Or maybe I'm just special :)

  6. we're going to disney world again in october...this makes it 3yrs in a row :) can't wait - it's always a great time there.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  7. Picturing you singing Disney songs and then reading "Sorry you can't all be as cool as me" made me LOL. I have been waiting for the day when I become a mermaid since I was about 5. Any day now, I'm sure...

  8. Disney can definitely be fun for grownups too!


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