Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th !

Today's post will be super short.  You should be outside, eating hotdogs and burgers and drinking beer and being American !  (Granted I don't actually do any of those things, but I hear they're fun !) Happy 4th of July, America !

The weather is GORGEOUS here in North Carolina today…thank you Arthur !  I'm currently sitting at my favorite coffee shop with one of my favorite story tellers (shout out to Big Mike!), ready to bang this out for you guys before heading to bring one of my favorite people coffee at his new job.  Have you guessed what today's linkup is yet ?

Let's get this started off on a 4th of July note before moving onto other favorites of the week !

A #FBF (flashback friday) favorite:

This is from 4th of July last year.  My two FAVORITE girls in the whole world, my best friends, and basically the reason I exist.  Many of you already know Alyssa (on the right) but then there's also my "twin", Beth (on the left).  I spent that particular 4th of July last year with the two of them at the beach.  Basically the way you're supposed to do it. Yes, our shirts say "Talk Jersey To Me".  And yes, we're better than you.

My favorite Stephen Colbert "America" gifs:

And I love this even though it's not animated:

'Merica !

My favorite animal:

Look at the yogurt face ! And the little batty baby burritos ! I'm obsessed. I follow about 7 different bat sanctuary pages on FB.  Judge me. Don't care. I want one. In another post I will hunt down the video of a bat being brushed with a toothbrush.  It's pretty much the best thing ever.

My favorite Netflix obsession:

If you haven't watched this show, go check it out ! It's about a married couple, an engaged couple, and a cynical bachelor.  All 7 season are on Netflix.  I can't even start talking about the awesomeness that is this show because I could probably keep you here for a week.  I'm just going to need you to trust me and go check it out.  I guarantee you that you'll be laughing through every episode. If you don't laugh at the pilot, then stop watching and come back here and tell me I was wrong.   Go ahead. I'll wait.  

That's all I've got for you today !  Short and sweet (like me !)  Let me know your favorite things :)  Have a great 4th and an amazing weekend. Thanks for reading !

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog. But I will watch your show.


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