Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My dogs hate you too.

[Warning: Rant ensuing.  If you're a people person or anti-dog. Don't keep reading.  Come back tomorrow or go read last week's confession. This weeks post is 100 % from my perspective and my opinion alone.  Thanks !]

Vodka and Soda

Confession: I hate people.  I used to say things like "I hate people that do X" or "I hate when people..." and then I just stopped listing reasons because well - people.

I generally just try to avoid them.  Headphones, book, phone, resting bitch face, on purpose bitch face...all ways that let people know, "Hey ! I'm not a people person and I'm probably not the best person to talk to." Yet people do it anyway.

I try and be nice to them.  Depending on the situation, it's usually not entirely unpleasant and I can deal (sometimes get a good story out of it) and move on with life.  And then you get the people that try and start small talk with backhanded compliments.  These people need to be thrown in front of a bus.  The thing that makes me hate people more than ANYTHING though, is when it comes to my dogs. 

People are idiots.  I won't go on a long rant about the ignorance towards dogs in general, certain breeds, and rescues in general.  What I will go on about though is when people make assumptions about my dogs (and me) based on the 2 second interaction you have with us.  


In November of this year, Ryker and I will be celebrating the 4 year anniversary of the day he picked me. Sadie and I just celebrated 3 years together in May. That means that I have had almost 4 years with my dogs every day.  I know them better than they know themselves.  I know that because Ryker is a Beagle/Heeler mix, his bark is obnoxious and honestly I would love it if it were about 2 octaves lower.  I know the difference between his stress bark, his "you're not paying enough attention to me bark" and his excited bark.  He's a vocal player.  I try to minimize it where I can but guess what ? HE'S A DOG AND DOGS BARK.    Don't tell me to get a muzzle for my dog because I will suggest the same for you.


Also, DO NOT ASSUME YOU CAN JUST TOUCH MY DOGS !! Let say that again: DO NOT TOUCH MY DOGS.  My dogs are both rescues that had a hell of a life before they got to me.  This is something I know a lot about (because I adopted them and live with them) and why you should just use the simple phrase "Can I pet your dog ?" 

Do you know those 5 words are the best things ever to a dog parent ? Here's why:

  • That pause allows me to asses my dogs' behavior.
  • Depending on who you are, I can determine if you can safely touch one or both of my dogs. [Sadie DOES NOT like strangers, especially men. Ryker gets too excited and I will not let him around children]
  • If I decide (because they're my dogs) that you can pet one or both, I can hold them properly on the leash as to have the most control over the situation.
  • This allows me to say things like "You can pet Ryker, but please pet his shoulder or his butt as he doesn't like having his head touched." or "Sadie doesn't like strangers but she seems to want to say hi, so why don't you stay there and let her come to you."
If you choose not to ask and just assume you can touch my dogs, charge at them and/or approach them in a way that makes them feel freaked out, prepare for an unpleasant experience and DO NOT YELL AT ME FOR NOT BEING A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER.  You're the moron; not me.

Some other things to note:
  • If I make an effort to walk AWAY  from you and your dogs, do not follow us.
  • Don't try and talk over me and to my dogs while I'm trying to give them commands.  I'm telling them to sit or leave it for your benefit, not mine.
  • When my dog behaves in a way that is not favorable and I apologize - accept the apology ! Don't roll your eyes or make ignorant comments about me or my dogs.

I'm fully aware that there are millions of dogs out there that are great with everyone and everything and are all around perfect.  I get it.  But dogs are like people not everyone likes everyone and everyone reacts to different people/things/situations differently.  Same goes for my fur babies.

I could seriously go on forever.  Short of wearing a sign that say "DO NOT APPROACH" I don't know how to get people to leave us alone on walks/at the dog park.  I just want to give my dogs the exercise they need, let them do their business and play with the dogs/people that we have worked very hard on building a relationship with without the comments and eye rolls and judging.

In conclusion, people: I hate you.  And my dogs hate you too.


  1. ugh, humans. there are very little humans i can stand as well!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. people really are stupid - i didn't know anyone in the world is an anti dog person thats just crazy! dogs are the best. i really really hate when people come into my house and try and pet my cats. please stop. they will lash out at you because they dont know you, and then you'll get mad at me because your poor wittle hand has a wittle scratch on it.
    oh.em.gee. speaking of around children.. my friend brought her 2 year old over once and kept saying 'kitty kitty kitty' so i held my (better behaved) cat far enough away so she could reach out and smell her. i said careful, gentle, careful and she grabbed my babies whiskers, and my cat reared back to get away - didnt hiss, didnt swat, NOTHING and my stupid friend hit my cat on the head.
    so i hit her baby on the hand. how DARE you hit my cat.
    ok i'm calm now. people are stupid.

  3. Not asking before petting is asking for permission to get your head bitten off. By me, because f*ck you. Also, nothing ENRAGES me more than when people say "I don't like [x breed — usually pit bull.]" Again, f*ck you. I'd rather you say you don't like dogs — I still don't get it, but whatever — than try to act like you know a goddamn thing about my pit or my breed. Take a hike, dillhole.

  4. Man oh man it's BEYOND rude when people just decide to go up to your dog and just pet them! I was walking my sister's PUPPY and since she was still learning her boundaries, she nipped at the dumb woman who decided to just sneak up behind her and pet her. DUMB IDIOT. And then she looked at ME like I was the awful person. And don't even get me started on people who think it's okay to just leave their window cracked an inch for their dogs in 90 degree weather while they're shopping!! People suck. End of story!

  5. Yes to all of this! I have 2 dogs and when we are out walking, sometimes I just don't WANT to stop to let people pet my dogs. I consider our walks their "work" so I don't want to be interrupted. Usually I am nice about it, but my greyhound gets the most annoyed look at some people so I use it to my advantage frequently.

    Something I struggle with is dog park "parents" who let their dogs bully other dogs. I'm happy to yell at my dogs for being dicks across the dog park. If you can't tell when your dog is posturing at another dog, you don't need to bring your pet to the dog park, sorry. I wish that having a muzzle was a requirement for the dog park becuase of how frequent and easy accidents can happen there, but it isn't. :(


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