Friday, July 11, 2014

It's (Almost) The Weekend !

To say that this has been a long week would be an understatement. As I try to maintain what little positivity I have left, and instead of being a Debbie Downer, I'd rather focus on fun stuff ! Here are some favorites from this week along with a linkup:

Favorite song:

"I'm No Good" by New Year's Day.  This song has been stuck in my head all week. Enjoy !

Favorite Internet Meme:

Bad Pun Dog is my go to for smiles this week.

Favorite Pet Moment:

I don't think I've introduced you to Loki yet ! My little sir !  Before anyone freaks out, yes, he's a rat and yes, I loves his little ratty face and his whisker kisses.  (If you want me to, I can give you the spiel about how rats are better pets than hamsters, but email me for that and I'll be happy to convert you !)  In his 3 story house, he has a water bottle AND a water bowl.  He uses the bottle to get drinks and the bowl to give himself baths (usually at weird hours of the night).  When he gets a drink, he does what I call "drinking fancy" or "fancy hands".  I usually try and catch him doing this but he always stops when I go and try to take a picture of it and I FINALLY was able to get it.

(Look at his little paws !)

Favorite Gifs or An accurate portrayal of my week (in no particular order):

Stress eating.

When someone tries to talk to me at work.

Self explanatory.

And finally, how I feel about the office since it's Friday:

Favorite "dawn of realization" moment:

Favorite Movie Scene I will watch over and over and can't stop laughing at:

If you haven't seen 22 Jump Street, you need to.  I did not stop laughing the ENTIRE movie. When I found that someone put this on YouTube, I almost screamed out loud.

I take my leave now, to anxiously watch the clock until I can escape and enjoy my weekend of no work !

Hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend !


  1. Oh my god Pun Dog is my favorite ever. S/he's just so friggin cute in that last frame I can barely stand it. And awwww those fancy hands are precious!

  2. I am dying at Loki's little hands! So cute. I have ferrets which people think is super weird but I think they're freakin' adorable so I win.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie with Sandra Bullock! I'm going to go stalk some more of those Bad Pun Dog memes. Hilarious!


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