Thursday, June 5, 2014

OMG Shoes.

Contrary to the title of this post, I'm not obsessed with shoes. I live in flip flops or my boots and honestly prefer to be barefoot if I can help it. I'm also NOT a running shoe connoisseur, so this is not a highly scientific or fact based review post.  However, amazing people like Meghan really know their stuff !  Go say hi and check out her really in-depth shoe comparison post here !

I've owned 2 pairs of running shoes: Mizuno Sayonara and currently Saucony Guide 7's.  I've ran a few miles in a pair of hot pink Brooks Transcend which were great, although a little heavy.  Even with my Guide 7's, I had to run a few miles in them before I got used to the weight.  My next purchase was going to be the Mizuno Inspire because the upper was similar to my Sayonara's; I could have that light and airy feeling, while still getting the support I needed. I had almost resigned myself to the idea that being a stability/support shoe (what's the "correct" terminology now ?) meant that I was going to end up with a heavier shoe.  Thank you Adidas for proving me wrong.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Amy from Adidas would be coming out for a wear test.  She did NOT disappoint ! She brought the Boost Sequence (men's and women's), Energy Boost (women's), and Glide Boost (men's). 

Very rarely do I ever get to try shoes out on wear test nights because my itty bitty weeble nugget feet at a 6/6.5 don't get much love. So I was very excited last night when Amy remembered and handed me a pair of 6's.

I got to try out the new boost sequence:

We did a quick out and back down Longstreet Dr. and ended up on the greenway for a little bit, 2 miles total.  Originally I had planned on posting stats from my run and talking about the run itself but this turned out to be an awesome fun run which is just what the doctor ordered.  I especially loved catching up with Amy about her puppies and on her recommendation will probably be trying hot yoga (anyone want to join me ?!)

I can report that I have a new favorite pair of shoes.  They were super light and I didn't have to "break them in" at all.  When all was said and done, everything was awesome and nothing hurt ! Which means I have only one thing to say to Adidas:

Today will be probably be an off day for me. Which mostly means grabbing my book and reading at the coffee shop tonight.

To those of you that have come over from other blogs (Alyssa's in particular) WELCOME ! Thank you for your comments and for reading and you make my heart happy ! Feel free to leave advice, questions, or just straight up love in my comments. I love you all (even if we just met).

Thanks for reading !

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    2. I'm going to have to keep these shoes in mind. I do like the Guide 7s, but I'm starting to like the idea of something lighter to run in. My obnoxiously high arches and knee problems won't let me give up the stability though. These might be worth checking out. Thanks for reviewing them!


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