Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boots & Pants & Sail

Spin class was last night ! Normally we have a group of 4 of us that go on Wednesdays (including this awesome girl - her blog updates are super cool !) but there's a run from RRO tonight so plans were adjusted. Same instructor, different room, WAY more people. I feel sufficiently cross trained as my legs are feeling just the right amount of sore today [Enter The Stick, my best friend while sitting at my desk for 7 hours today].

Let me quickly share a story that will hopefully make you smile. The instructor, Matt, has a set playlist he uses, with some variations, every week. The majority of the time during spin class, all that goes through my head now (thank you, Brian) is:

The music that plays during our 45 minute sweat session is not my cup of tea but it gets the job done.  Last night, towards the end of class, I believe my resistance is on about 80% at this point and we just got done with seated climbs.  "Sail" by AWOLNATION is the next song in the rotation.  Let me pause the story, so for those of you who have not seen "Sail Cat," please stop what you're doing and watch this:

I almost fell off my bike from laughing so hard.  Thanks to Alyssa, forevermore, when I hear "Sail" that cat will be the only thing I think of, and now you will too. You're welcome.

I also have to make an addendum to my previous goals.  Due to some mis-budgeting on my part, I won't have the moolah to participate in the June 14th Race for the Cure 5K.  Sad face, but a friend let me know about one on July 26th.  I'm upset, yes, because I desperately want to get back into the race scene; I want the adrenaline and the excitement. But this will allow me to work a little harder and give myself a solid "I trained and tried" time.  I keep telling myself it will be here before I know it.

Short run from the Raleigh Running Outfitters store tonight with Amy from Adidas. I'm looking forward to it because I've been told that she may actually have some shoes in my size to try this time ! Check back later tonight for the stats and/or stories from the run.

Thanks for reading !


    Bummer about the 14th, but you'll be more confident next month anyway, and that'll probably make a lot of difference! And it will be here before you know it, because summer always flies.
    Good luck tonight and Happy National Running Day! {apparently.}


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