Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wednesday Recap

Good afternoon everyone ! I've been battling writers block all morning trying to figure out what to tell you about yesterday.  I know I don't HAVE to blog everyday (I usually try and take the weekends off for fun !) but I also know that if I start slacking now, I'll soon abandon this and that would just make me sad.  Please bear with me while this post may not be as awesome as some of my others.

Yesterday was spin class and hot tub.  Yesterday I was just perpetually 15 minutes late to everything (so I just stopped caring at that point) including spin class.  My alter-ego, Awkward Girl, made an appearance as the first 2 bikes I got on were broken.  Thankfully Meghan had saved me one that stayed open even after they started.  I modified the workout to only what I could do and stayed around 65-75% resistance so as not to make my legs hate me any more than they already did. I stayed away from the isolations and sprinting which I felt was, overall, a smart move on my part.  I still got a pretty good workout in so that was definitely a win.

I'm sorry if you've fallen asleep already.  It wasn't nearly as interesting as last week's post about spin class.  I will say that I'll be heading back to the hot tub tonight though because after a half hour last night, my legs are feeling exponentially better. Spending some quality time with the stick today as well is also helping. Since I have my trainer tomorrow, today is going to be a rest day (or as I call them "off days").  For tomorrow, I was thinking of putting together a post about my use of music while I run, including my playlist.

I only came up with the idea because I was inspired by Meghan's post.  Everyone should go check it out. She links to this pretty cool website (that I will be spending way more time on that I should) that helps match songs to cadence.  Her blog is pretty cool in general so you should go over and say hi.

Is there anything you guys want to read about ? As much as I'm keeping this for me as a record of what (and more importantly how) I'm doing, I'm always open to suggestions ! Honestly this blog wouldn't really be what it is without Alyssa's help so please feel free to share ideas :)

Thanks for reading !

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  1. Hi! Sorry it's taken me til now to get here but I've been tackling my to do list all day. Listen, sometimes posts aren't going to be your best stuff. Just look at my blog this week. But being you and being real is what we're coming here for :) post whatever you feel like, and don't worry about trying to please people. We'll be pleased to see you blogging about what you care about, so do you girl.


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