Thursday, June 26, 2014

Exhausted !

I just fell asleep at my desk. Oops ! That's what I get for not being able to fall asleep last night. My legs feel really good today but adamantly REFUSED to stop throbbing last night from about 1AM until about 5AM.  It didn't help that the dogs kept flopping on them every time I tried to move into a comfortable position. I even took it easy during spin class to make sure I didn't aggravate my IT bands AND sat in the hot tub.  Oh well. Today is a rest day so I'm not too concerned.  At least all the awake time let me update my "About Me" section - go check it out ! In other news, hooray for giant cups of coffee !

Since I'm useless currently, enjoy some fun quotes I've collected that make me feel better about running and training.

(My favorite is the "special kind of idiot".  I want that on a shirt for when I run my first half !)

(Sometimes this is the only thought that keeps me putting one foot in front of the other)

Since that will only keep you amused for about .7 seconds, here are some links I like !

Enjoy while I try and function as a human being !


  1. I love these quotes. Sometimes when I'm running with someone I'll have to let them know that I'm slowing down to "turtle in peanut butter" pace haha

  2. Girl you are already a speed demon, get those "I'm slow" quotes out of here!


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