Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's Monday folks.  I'll be the first one to tell you that I am NOT a fan of Mondays or any day I have to be at work really. But you didn't come here to listen to me complain about my boring office job. Quick summary of Friday - Sunday...GO !

Friday: I wish I could be one of these people.

But I'm not, so I have a personal trainer to keep my butt in shape (see what I did there ?). The half hour session was good; lots of weighted squats, weighted step ups, bench presses, and overhead presses.  I have to hand it to my trainer because he puts up with a lot from me.  I'm usually super excited and blast through the first 2 sets and then by the third set it's:

Followed by:

To which he usually tells me to shut up and finish the set or he'll add more weights (Note: it doesn't matter what I say...he puts more weight on for every set).  It's nice that we have good sarcastic banter between the two of us because it let's me work out without thinking about how much it hurts.  Although we all know that the hurt inevitably comes later and then you try and play it off like it's not a big deal. Or maybe that's just me.

Saturday: I woke up early and went for a run.  I got about 2 miles in when I saw something fall from a tree. It was a baby bird ! So instead of finishing my run, I called an emergency vet, told them what happened, and long story short, I helped this little guy get back to his mama and 3 siblings.

I went back and checked the next day and there are still 4 baby birds in the nest ! 

It was a good run for me even though it was only 2 miles. 
Distance: 2.01
Time: 19:32.8
Avg Pace: 9:43/mi

I've found that running with music helps me focus on my breathing.  I pull from my dance background and breathe with the counts in the music as opposed to focusing on which foot to breath on and for how long, which just leaves me out of breath, frustrated, and tired.  I plan on using music for a while to help me get myself where I need to be, and slowly wean myself off.  I'm just not a fan of running in headphones and will probably kill my battery and/or data on longer runs eventually !

Sunday: I had every intention of going to Pilates but I overslept.  Which needed to happen due to my lack of sleep last week, so I tried not to beat myself up too much. I took it as a rest day, which was probably for the best.  My IT band on both legs is a little sore to the point where it hurt to bend my knees a little. Rolled with the stick and did a lot of stretching and I'm feeling much better about it today. Overall just tried to enjoy the nice weather and relaxed with the pups !

Now the weekend is over and it's back to the working world.

Here's the (tentative) schedule for this week:

Monday: Hibernian Social Run
Tuesday: Track
Wednesday: Spin Class
Thursday: Run
Friday: Training
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Pilates

It's another vendor night at Hibernian ! Asics is coming out and I'm hoping the rep has shoes in my size :) I have a pair that I use as regular errand running shoes, so it would be interesting to see how running running in them would be.  I'll get back to you on that in tomorrow's update.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week ahead of them ! 

Thanks for reading !

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  1. I'm one of those lunatics who actually really enjoys DOMS/delayed onset muscle soreness. Oops. Anyway way to go taking care of the baby bird!
    I run with music because it just helps, period. I can tune it out and keep it way low when I want less and need to listen to my breathing, etc. But when I'm hitting a slump the right song helps me get back on my stride and get my power back. Plus I can think with it on, which is why I do some of my best thinking on a run, but I can also turn my mind completely over to the music when I don't want to be in my head with whatever's being turned over in there. But I know everyone is different of course. That's just what works for me!


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