Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Last night I had a spectacular 9 mile run.  Unfortunately, my legs refuse to ever be okay after running anything over 6 but whatever. Lots of heat and ice and elevation for me today. I've got enough problems with IT band on my other leg, so you better get your shit together Achilles tendon...

Anyway, post run, I was soaking in my bathtub (Epsom salts FTW !), eating some yogurt, watching Netflix, and texting Alyssa.  Thankfully this girl just gets me because anyone else would have totally thought doing all of those things concurrently would classify me as certifiable.

On Sunday, B and I watched Good Will Hunting.  After the whole thing was over, he told me that HE'D NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE !  I felt like a moron because I kept making comments about different scenes (again, operating under the assumption that he had seen one of the best movies ever created).  One of my favorite scenes is when Sean talks about his wife.

[Random fact: the camera shakes because the camera operator couldn't hold it still from laughing so hard - Robin improvised that scene]

Why did I tell you about my post run soak and Good Will Hunting ? Because it got me thinking about weird things people do that sometimes seem completely ridiculous to some but totally normal to others. So, I now share with you some weird idiosyncrasies I have which are totally normal to me:

  • I can go run for 90 minutes without any music but need to have my phone, food, and a movie playing in order to sit still in a bath for 20 minutes. 
  • I won't open a can without tap tapping the top of the can, knowing full well it doesn't do anything. 
  • I won't leave my apartment without saying "Be good monsters, Mommy loves you" to the dogs. 
  • When I'm at work, if I have Spotify playing in the background, no work gets done but put on a TV show from Netflix on and holy crap you wouldn't believe the amount of work that gets done. 
  • I eat Smarties 3 at a time.  For some reason 2 is too little and trying to eat more than 3 at a time just doesn't work.
  • When I don't have my rings on, my thumb still goes to each finger and tries to spin them even though they're not there.
  • If I run in the morning, I can't have coffee before but fiend for it by the time i'm done; if I run at night, drinking anything other than water after makes me want to kill myself.
  • I try to limit the amount of times I check my phone but when I do, I have 4 apps in the bottom corner that if I check one, I'm checking them all.
  • If I'm the only one in my car, things have to be in a certain place so I can get them whenever I need to without taking my eyes off the road.  If someone else is in the car, they get a purse on their lap and the phrase "Can you get me my..." happens about every 5 minutes. 
  • I can recite pretty much entire movies, TV series, discographies, but ask me something like "Is today Tuesday ?" and I'm all "I dunno".

So there's that. Completely random, useless, not remotely related to anything things that you didn't need to know but things that make me, me !  But I'm super nosy...what are your peccadilloes ? Tell me, tell me, tell me !

Have a good Tuesday friends :)


  1. So I definitely didn't know that tid-bit about that scene. Neato burrito :)

  2. man its been so many years since i've seen good will hunting, i need to watch it again. i am the same with the bath, i need a book or movie or phone or something otherwise i get bored so fast!

  3. I have not seen that movie in YEARS! So good!
    I love baths. I can soak in the tub for hours at a time. Give me a book and hot water, and I am in heaven!

  4. I do the same thing in the bathtub. I think it's because tubs kind of freak me out so I need to be occupied to keep from thinking about that.

  5. I am terrible at quoting movies or knowing the words to songs but I usually do know when its Tuesday! I am good at multi-tasking with the TV/Netflix on too.

  6. I seriously love that movie and had no idea about the shaking I think I need to go back and watch it again now!


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