Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Running and Fandoms

Time to confess. Linking up with ALL THE PEOPLE this week, hashtag style.

Inadvertently copying Tracy, let's start with a few running/race related confessions:

// I swore I would never run a Rock N Roll Race because it was a for-profit race and because EVERYONE wanted to run RNR and #ihavetobedifficult, blah blah blah.  Well, RNR had a $45 off flash sale for the half marathon registration fee making it only $57 (after fees).  Guess who's running RNR Raleigh in April ?

//  Since I'll be in Jersey next week eating all the things with family, I need to make sure I don't slack off since I only have 2 runs during the week.  Which means I'm trying to create 4 mile routes in my hometown that give me an awesome running route while avoiding anyone I could possibly know.  #smalltownproblems

// I printed out my race spreadsheet and forced asked B to help me get my training plan together since I'm basically running a race every weekend in March and April.  Since I want it burned into my brain, I'm working on copying it to my paper planner and adding it to my google calendar because I would rather focus on non-work related things. #sorrynotsorry

// I've broken down my race fee registration into paychecks.  For instance, I know that I can sign up for Tobacco Road with my next paycheck and St. Paddy's Day 8K the paycheck after that.

// Speaking of paychecks, it's taking all of my energy not to use my savings to buy a ticket to Wizard World and go see all my favorite Doctor Who cast.  I'm trying to convice myself that I need a roof over my head more than being in the same room as the Ponds (including River). #adultingsucks

// I have a fandom addiction.  I've developed this terrible habit of binging shows I've already seen on Netflix.  There's like, a billion shows to watch but I've got a solid rotation of White Collar, Doctor Who, Firefly & Friends. I'm actually hoarding all the new episodes of Once Upon A Time so I can watch them all at once.  I'm also gearing up to re-watch Sherlock in time for the New Year's Day release.  And then quote them relentlessly because #thatswhatpeopledo. 

// I'm obsessed with this shop because it blends my two addictions quite nicely.

Linking up with all these awesome people this week:

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What do you have to confess ?


  1. Thanks for linking up! I had no idea Rock and Roll was a for profit race :( I really want to sign up for a half-marathon to kick my butt into shape but it's daunting!

  2. That is a lot of races! Once Upon a TIme is like 9 seasons...I wish I had checked before I started watching it on Netflix!

  3. I'm obsessed with Look Human too! I want all the things! I wish it was a little more affordable though. You sound like a busy girl with all these races - send me some motivation so I can get off my butt and get back to running would ya?

  4. Yay for races! Honestly, RnR wasn't a bad race. We were pretty disappointed with the finish line arrangements, but it wouldn't have been an issue if it weren't pouring rain and 40º. I would do another, probably, but only if I got a discount like you managed ;)

  5. Man, races get to be expensive, don't they?! I love Look Human!!! I am constantly stalking their site and dreaming about all the shirts that I want to buy. I do have a few but I want more! I want them all!!!

    I started watching Once Upon a Time this past summer. Think I got to season 2 or 3 but my husband just wasnt on board so we quit. I really miss it and I want to watch it again!!

  6. Ah!!! So many races coming up for you next year!! I'm excited for you! I really like that triwizard tank! Just about every time I run when I'm at my parent's house I see someone I know or someone in a car sees me, it never fails.

  7. wow, $57 is a really good deal! i would totally have signed up.
    love look human! i have that i don't know why i am running in a tank lol
    i have met karen gillan and matt smith, and i saw the rory guy from afar (meh). i would pay all the money to see River, DT and Billie Piper though. Actually, no i wouldn't because that's what they are asking for and holy expensive lol

  8. Sadly, that is an amazing deal for that race! Why do races (especially the cool ones) have to cost so freakin much. I would do more of them if they didn't cost so dang much


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