Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie

I've missed you all ! Happy New Year and hello to my first post of 2016 !

I will not be recapping 2015.  Goodbye and good riddance.  While I'm thankful that 2015 showed me that I am a hell of a lot stronger than I ever thought possible, I'm ready to rock 2016.

[RIP David Bowie.]

Granted, the year has started off a little bumpy because I haven't run this year.  I have not yoga-ed or done much of anything besides lay in bed after work.  Because every year, without fail, on January 3rd, I get sick.  I was hoping that my Richmond plague had been the extent of my getting sick, but apparently my body has taken all the stress of last year and given me one final ass kicking.  Eh, I can take it. While I'm not 100% yet, I'm hoping I'm on the mend.  Shout out to B for putting up with me and watching 21 & 22 Jump Street to keep me from feeling like death.

I can tell you that so far this year, I've read/listened to 4 books and have resorted to unsavory means of getting the 2nd book in a trilogy that I cannot put down. I have a training plan in place for a total of 5 races between now and the end of April.  As of the middle of February, I will be leaving my current apartment for what I'm calling my "bookmark place" until I can figure out what the future holds housing-wise. I'm letting my life settle for a little bit but will be jumping on the job hunting bandwagon soon.  I purchased a month of unlimited classes for the BarreUp Studio near my favorite coffee shop and am chomping at the bit to get better so I can go.  I'm sure I'll love it and it plays into some big plans I have for the future so I'm crossing my fingers everything goes well.

Tonight the game plan is to run an EASY 3 miles to gauge whether I can sign up for Barre class tomorrow night. Send me good thoughts please because as much as I love Netflix marathoning Friends and Rules of Engagement in order to rest, I'm bored.  And with all the stress (good and bad) happening in my life at the moment, NOT being active is the worst possible thing for my brain.  So I've got David Bowie's newest album cued up and my reflective vest ready to rock tonight and I wish I could just run until my legs give out.

Do you have any remedy's that help you feel better faster after you've gotten sick ?


  1. oh, I didn't know about David Bowie. So sad.
    I'm sorry 2015 was a sucky year for you girl, hope 2016 is way better :) i don't have any remedies, sorry! i like to wallow in my sorrows haha until i feel better. what trilogy are you reading?

  2. Hope you managed to get in those miles last night and that you're feeling better! My remedies all involve sweating a lot and sometimes crying, but mostly pretending that I'm not even sick, so I'm not sure that's helpful.

  3. Did you go to barre yet?? I'm obsessed. I just looked up the place where you bought your month and its just over an hour from my new apartment. Maybe we can coordinate and I can come up and take a class with you because I'm moving to North Carolina THIS weekend!!! And since you mentioned David Bowie I read this article yesterday that for some reason fascinated me even though its not so much about David Bowie you may still like it. I liked the picture it gave me of the time period and lifestyle people lived back then.


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