Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm Only Doing this for Donuts

I was not about to let another Training for Tuesday pass me by without getting on board !


For my fellow running weirdos out there, enjoy the Garmin info from my long run this weekend:

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I reached a new long run milestone since the start of my training for the Richmond Half.  This weekend I'm shooting for 8 miles.  Which made me nervous at first, but after feeling FANTASTIC after hitting the 5 mile mark, I feel like I can push and be okay.  Seriously, I had a small breakthrough realizing that after the 5 mile mark, I could have kept going. I'm not sure if that's because I knew I was almost done or because it takes my body/mind THAT long to get itself together.

When it comes to tracking my training, I honestly only use the Garmin Connect site at this point, because I really don't have to think about it.  Part of me wishes that I was more diligent about how many miles I've put on my shoes, my total mileage for the week, and all that jazz, but I'm at the point right now where I just want to do it.  Less thinking, more doing.  I can only look at what I need to do TODAY because otherwise I start spiraling into a panic where the "You'll never do it" demons come out to play and we like to keep those locked up until we're finished so we can taunt them endlessly.

Basically I know that if I can run 8 miles this weekend and then not die during the 10 mile store to store run that's happening on the 10th, I'll be all set for my 10 miler.  (I should probably register for that, huh ?)  Once the ATT 10 miler is over, THEN I'll think/focus on not dying during the Richmond Half.  In the meantime I'm going to fantasize about the dozen donuts I'm going to devour when all of this is said and done.  I'm not kidding either because it says to in my training plan: Nov 14th-Richmond Half & Nov 15th- Eat All the Donuts.

What's you're favorite food to eat after a run ?


  1. Cheeseburgers. Popcorn. Ice cream. Wine. Chocolate anything.

    Ha! Great job on your long run! Also, you can use the Garmin website to track the mileage on your shoes in the Gear section. The only downfall is that, depending on which watch you have, it doesn't always track treadmill miles. I think your watch has to have a cadence feature for the data to translate over to Gear too. I'm OCD and keep a spreadsheet as well.

  2. I always end up eating two eggs over easy with toast after a run, but pizza and ice cream make appearances when I have the forethought to plan ahead.
    Also, one thing I heard last year that immediately felt so, so, so true to me is this: Most people never get far enough into their first wind to realize they have a second. I am definitely built to be a distance runner (rather than a fast one) because I hit a point somewhere usually between 5 and 8 miles where I get all "Yeahhhhh, now we're cookin', I could do this forever." Get yourself to that sweet spot and let it ride!

  3. I feel like such a loser. I started running and ended up throwing out my back so now I can't run for awhile. Hell, I can't even walk far and I am in AGONY! I wanna walk and I want the pain to go away :(

  4. Sometimes less thinking and more doing is the way to go. I'm SO glad we got in that awesome long run on Sunday and I know you're on track to being more than ready to rock Richmond. Funny, I had that exact same feeling around my mile 5, right before I met up with you! I really haven't been running super long distance (relative term, I know) over the last few months and have been missing that feeling. It's like Alyssa, said, so many of my runs just haven't been long enough for me to get to the good stuff.

  5. I will definitely come back from a run sometimes and tell my husband "we need to go get pizza/burgers/burritos/ice cream RIGHT NOW" because that's what I've been thinking about for most of the run.

    And I'm trying to get better about tracking my runs and miles too, but most of the time I just let my Garmin do all the work. So much easier.

  6. I don't run but I do try to workout everyday and I love to indulge in some doritos every now and then! :)

  7. ALL THE FOOD. it's the only time my husband doesn't judge my eating, i'm like dude i just ran x amount of miles give me all the food.


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