Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekending - My Legs Hurt

I've come to the conclusion that if I could just pretend the weekdays don't happen, that I would be a much happier person.  Since that's not really an option, and I'm forced into adult responsibility and mandatory socialization, I'll just relive this past weekend to make myself feel better over my severe case of the Mondays.

Recently I signed up as a mentor for Fleet Feet's 8K training program.  I figured it was a good way for me to get off my butt during the week and log my much needed miles. The original game plan was to park at the coffee shop, run the 3 miles to the art museum, run 2 miles with the group, then run the 3 back to my car which would have been a nice 8 mile long run.  Except I can't do math, realized I would be late for the 8AM meeting time, and instead only did 2 miles with the group. Also, rain.

Mentoring is super fun though ! Instead of being so worried about what and how I'm doing, I get to help other runners not die ! It's pretty cool if anyone's ever been thinking about it. Plus, the people in the group don't really know me that well and think I'm hilarious.  Bonus points.

Then Saturday night, something AMAZING happened...I MET BENDELACREME !!!  

For those of you who have never seen RuPaul's Drag Race, go watch it. And if you're super lazy, then just go look up some clips on YouTube.  It's worth it, trust me.  Granted, her stage show is VERY different from the TV appearance.  BenDeLaCreme's show was funny, witty, burlesque and just downright AWESOME. She was just the sweetest human being and I obviously wanted to be her best friend.  But she called me gorgeous and told me that any drag show would be a disappointment after this one.  11/10 would do again.

So that brings us to Sunday where 2 pretty cool things happened.  I posted before about the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences here and Alyssa put up a few here.  This museum is probably  my favorite place to hang out in Raleigh.  They usually do exhibits every year and they just opened up a new one this weekend.

 It was a $15 admission but if you live in Raleigh/will be visiting Raleigh, go check it out.  I love finding things I didn't know I didn't know ! For instance, mammals are are the only animals that have 3 inner ear bones.  That's how scientists can tell if something is a mammal or not just based on the skull alone.  How cool is that ?!  Plus they had all sorts of bones and skulls and pelts, reconstructions of the largest and smallest land mammals, fossils, and tons of things to touch ! I don't care how old you are...museums are cool.

The second really cool thing was that Tracy ended up coming down to Raleigh and asked if I would be interested in running ! Originally, I was going to be lazy and just sit around the house all afternoon but I knew I needed to get a long run in and also that I needed to stop making excuses.  I literally jumped at the chance to run with her.  Like I actually did a little excited jump in the middle of the exhibit.  Thanks to Tracy, I got 6 miles in which puts me back on track to run my 10 mile race 10/24.  I felt like it was a really slow run because of the humidity, but overall it was better than I expected.  Talking while running is hard.  Also I showed Tracy the art museum butt.  It's my favorite.  Regardless of the rain, it was still my favorite run to date ! It's good to know someone will run in ridiculous circles just to get their watch to hit 6 miles and not settle for 5.80 !!

I'm still hoping I can get someone to watch the monsters so I can head down to Wilmington and hang out with her for her Beach to Battleship 70.3 !!

Unfortunately, now it's time to head back to the world of work and people.  I'm anxiously awaiting 5PM so I can hang with the monsters and do a whole lot of nothing.  If anyone has any ideas on how to make Monday's more tolerable, I'm all ears !!

How do you deal with Mondays ?


  1. Well of course she told you you're gorgeous because you are! I'm so glad you were up to run because it was way more fun having you as a tour guide/run buddy than it would have been on my own. And duh we had to do circles to get you to 6! You did great!

  2. When I heard you and Tracy were maybe going to run together my heart cried in jealousy. Miss you both so much. BUT I'm glad you were able to reach that milestone you needed and I can't wait to see you and be in Raleigh in a few weeks! PS, are you running City of Oaks half? Did we talk about this? I'm sleep-deprived and delirious so forgive me if I can't remember a recent conversation :(


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