Tuesday, September 22, 2015

World's Okayest Runner

Today marks 52 days until the Richmond Half Marathon.  It seems like a good time for a training update considering I've updated this a total of, um, zero times...

After attempting to create my own training plan after extensive google searching, my resident super runner/Fleet Feet Training program coordinator/favorite human in the whole world helped combine the 3 calendars I had into one super awesome training program...AKA he threw them out and made one that worked for me. 

(Yes, he knows I took this and that this would end up here eventually)

The general idea was that during the week I would train for time (Run for 35 min, Cross Train for 25 min, you get the idea) and that on the weekend for my long runs, I could focus on distance.  Without boring you with the sordid details of the affect of humidity on my lungs this summer, I can honestly say that my training got started last week.

Which means I really don't have too much time to start getting my miles up.  Right now I can do 5 miles for my long runs no problem.  Except I should be doing anywhere from 8-10.  I'm working on being okay with this and just focusing on doing what I need to do to make sure I'm smart and uninjured and progressing and not dying.

My biggest struggle at the moment is knowing the difference between pushing through pain to get to the next milestone and when to be smart enough to stop.  Currently I keep erring on the side of smart.  On Saturday I had this plan to do a run I've wanted to do since I laced up my shoes again: Run from my apartment to my second home favorite coffee shop, Cup A Joe.  It's 7 miles.  I was excited, I was ready, and I had it all planned out.  That whole week the weather had been phenomenal, I was running (and BREATHING!) better, I was doing hill repeats and running faster than I had been since I started trying to train in August.   Of course on this lovely Saturday that I had been looking forward to for what seemed like forever, the heat came back - FAST. Realizing I had started my adventure too late in the day, I cut my 7 mile run to 3.6 miles.

Tonight I plan on doing a 30 minute run just to get my legs moving again.  They've been hating me rather seriously since Saturday but I think I finally got all the knots out of my calves. Also, in order to avoid freaking myself out, I'm focusing on getting myself in good shape to run a 10 miler on October 24th.  Which based on where I am now, seems 100% completely accomplish-able (is that even a word ?) 

Until the next update, here's a picture of the newest addition to my running shoe family:

ALSO ! I'm looking for some fun running related apparel either to wear during training or a race or just when I'm being lazy in sweatpants.  
What are your favorite running shirts ?


  1. I'm sorry your long runs haven't been going according to plan :( I know how badly you want to kick butt but seriously, this summer has been absolutely atrocious for all of us. (Just read ANY of my and Tracy's posts about summer training.) And in the meantime, I seriously have no idea what I'm going to race in. My favorite training shirt is actually a shirt from another race and I don't think that's the best idea to wear...

  2. You still have plenty of time to get ready for the half!! You can do it!! I'm not sure about fun shirts to race in but I'm a big fan of printed running tights, they are fun to wear to run or just out running errands.

  3. heyyy i do the same thing with the printing of the calendars and shit. wait, does everyone do that? i thought i was special. guess not.
    and i am SO not where i need to be so I am pretty sure i'm not doing my half marathon at all. i might sign up for it, i might sign up for the one in April lol. the 10 miler is totally accomplishable (be a word, damn it) and i'm sure it will make you feel better and more secure in your running amazingness.
    my favourite running shirt is from another race (coincidentally, my best race ever) and i wear it alllllllllllll the time, especially to other races lol. i'm not very good with proper running clothes though, normally i just wear whatever i wore to bed. that is, when i actually get my lazy ass out and run. which isn't often. because lazy.


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