Monday, October 26, 2015

I need to be a Time Lord

I haven't written a post in HOW MANY DAYS !??! Jesus, where the hell is the time going ?! Someone get me a Tardis so I can go back and update this more often. I could have sworn I only wrote a post the other day and it wasn't THAT long ago. Le sigh. Well, since it's been forever and a day, how about some updates, yes ?


Half marathon training is going.  I don't want to put an adjective with it for fear of messing with this weird zen thing I have going on.  I'm not stressing, but I'm not excited, but I'm not being lazy ? I have no clue. I was talking to Alyssa about her upcoming epic-ness and I realized that I'm so excited/pumped/anticipating her awesome this coming weekend (pause for momentary freak out) that I haven't really let the weight of my soon to be 2nd(ish) half coming up affect me. Check back in a week and see how I feel then !

Mentoring the 8K program has been good and bad. I've loved getting to meet so many amazing people and it was a great way for me to get into mentoring.  

 The 8K run/walk group in front of the Capital Building :)

I think I'm going to mentor the 10K program as well.  Ideally, I would love to mentor the half program that Fleet Feet has but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.  The only downside is that I run at the pace of the group...which could be anywhere from 2-4 minutes slower than my normal pace (I mentor the run/walk groups).  My shins have basically noped the eff out and haven't come back since I started the whole thing. Use ALL the RockTape !

I had my first race on Saturday: Day of the Dead 5K.  We got to run through the Oakwood Cemetery.  We're just going to pretend that the rolling hills through the entire course didn't happen and just focus on the pretty cemetery. It was basically my favorite. 

Upcoming races:

  • City of Oaks 10K
  • Richmond Half Marathon
  • Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8K
  • ??
I will probably add a race or two in December.  Possibly a New Years race ?


My job isn't the worst thing in the world.  The day to day is tolerable, however, the fact that I've had to use a credit card for small essentials (like food or gas) is starting to take its toll on me.  The fear of not being able to afford my apartment come renewal time is also not fun.  The game plan is to keep looking for something upwards of $43K/year but also getting a part time job on Saturday's to bring in the extra income until then.  Super not happy about it, especially since I can't really start that until January due to my weekends already being booked up through Christmas, but I really don't want to leave Raleigh. I really just want to get a job that will allow me to pay all my bills with minimal stress about where the dollars will come from, and allow me to get my Master's (probably in Communications) so that I can start on the road to becoming a professor because #goals.

Everything else:

  • Back to the Future Day happened.  I don't know if you guys realize how monumentally amazing/epic/the most fantabulous thing to ever happen to me that day was.  BTTF is to me what Star Wars is to some people.  It started my love of science fiction, time travel, and Micheal J. Fox (No lie, I was convinced I was gonna marry that man). Does this suprise anyone based on my obsession totally normal love for Doctor Who ?  I wish that life had happened a little better but I made the best of the day and will now live forever in sadness that BTTF happened entirely in the past. 
  • The NC State Fair happened and I finally got to go.  I would love to go back next year if only for the fried oreo's and funnel cake and roasted corn  I want to go back next year for food.  Thankfully it's over now so traffic getting to and from my apartment from the coffee shop will no longer turn me into a murderous rage monster.

  • After about 6 months...MY HAIR WILL BE RED AGAIN ! I swore to myself that I would cut unnecessary funds, and hair dye was absolutely one of them.  But it's race season which means pictures and I need my shockingly red hair to happen again.  I will gladly live on yogurt and chickpeas for a week to make this happen. Please insert all the praise hands emoji's here.
  • This has nothing to do with anything.  It just makes me happy:

I hope everyone's Monday is heavily caffeinated and minimally stressful !


  1. i wish i was a time lord!! wouldn't it be amazing?!
    that is great that you are more excited for Alyssa thus not stressing about your race. Hope it is amazeballs. I love the idea of mentoring race program thingys, I wonder if I can look into that......
    chickpeas are fabulous anyway ;) yay red!

  2. I love that you're able to mentor this program and despite the hiccups I think it'll end up as a really great and rewarding experience for you. Can't wait to see you in FIVE DAYS! <3

  3. It definitely helps me to have something else major to focus on before a big race of my own, so that totally makes sense to me.
    Your red hair is so fabulous! Glad to hear it will be coming back :)


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