Friday, July 10, 2015

Hashtag Beach Trip

I named this post for the sole purpose of using this gif:

This isn't a stereotypical "Friday Favorite" but I'm linking up with Amanda anyway.

Does checking the time every 5 seconds deplete iPhone battery ? Because mine will die in about an hour if that's the case.  I need it to be 3PM ! Yay for my office having summer hours (If I show up/stay late Mon-Thurs, I can leave at 3PM on Fridays !!) and my family being at Hilton Head Island this weekend.  Which means mini-vacation ! 

Yes, another Matt Smith gif - because Doctor Who gives me life

And even though it's only for a weekend I'm all like "AH I HAVE TO PACK ALL THE THINGS" and I'm running around like a mad woman and my dogs are giving me serious side eye because I think they know they're not allowed to come with me. Or I'm interrupting their relax time.  Or both. Whatever dudes.  They get to stay in the apartment and be comfy and have people show up and take care of them. They'll deal.

I made sure I synced my Doors playlist to my phone.  It takes 5 hours from Raleigh to get to HHI and my playlist is 5 hours and 12 minutes long. Fate. Ever since I borrowed "The Soft Parade" from the library when I was 13, The Doors are my go-to "heading to the beach" music. Always.  There's something about the opening riff of "Roadhouse Blues" that just puts you in a road trip kinda mood. This time it will be even more awesome because the whole time I can be thinking "I touched the drummer." Did I ever tell you guys about that ? Yeah, I met John Densmore of the The Doors and fangirled all over the place it was awesome.

From September '14 when I met John Densmore - Doors drummer.  He told me I had cool hair.  I died.

I'm so excited for a break from the boring and mundane-ness that is an office.  Now I just have to try and wait until I can get out of here and get on the road for a day and a half of some much needed beach time.  Can. Not. Sit. Still. 

What are you excited for this weekend ?!


  1. i love that gif. and the other one. i am also jealous of your summer hours. sigh.

  2. Yay for HHI this weekend! Have so much fun, enjoy the family, and drive safe!

  3. So jealous of your office hours! I don't have that option, so I just took off every Friday in July because #IdowhatIwant. :) Hope you had a great trip!

  4. OMG that gif!!! I died!!! So funny!!!



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