Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's Wrong With You ?

It's Wednesday, people of blogland ! I love confession days because it allows me to get my rage out.  A day to get out all the wonderful things I want to say so desperately, but don't due to political correctness, professionalism, or just not wanting to be a rude, raging bitch. WHOO ! This weeks confession theme is brought to you by: my office.  Or offices in general.  Or any type of job that requires you to interact with people.  Let's begin.

// My office is my space. Not the place for emo bands, more like my personal bubble.  DO NOT COME BEHIND MY DESK.  I don't walk into your office and start touching your stuff, do I ? Exactly.

// What is it about an office environment that automatically makes everyone SLOBS ? I have called the exterminator 4 times in the past 2 weeks because my office seems to have an infestation of ants.  Where ? Oh, around the chips on the floor.  And the rouge M&M chilling over here by the window.  Wait, why are these things over here ? Are you, a bunch of 30 something and up adults, throwing junk food at each other ? And then not cleaning it up ? And then wonder why you have ants ?

// Speed Racer in the parking lot. Stop it. Let people cross the cross walk.  It's not going to kill you. And when you speed to only pull up in front of the building to park in a spot that you know you're not supposed to park (because it's a walkway and NOT a place for you to chill) - you look like the douche bag you really are. Knock it off.

// To the people that ask my boss a question, then come and ask me the same question, hoping for a different answer: We are not your parents.  If mommy says no, and you ask daddy, the answer will be "What did mommy say?" Grow up.

// Meetings.  I waste an hour of my day every Wednesday to put together a list that tells someone how to do their job.  Because otherwise they don't do it.  First, I have to have a meeting with my boss to talk about all the things we need to address...I HAVE TO HAVE A MEETING ABOUT THE MEETING WE'RE GOING TO HAVE. And then I sit through the actual meeting of telling this person what to do - basically reading off the list I made in the first meeting.  And the whole time, they sit there, listing all the excuses of why they haven't done it, can't do it, didn't know they were supposed to do it.  Why are you still employed ?!

All the office rage at stupid people.

Do you have people like this where you work ?


  1. Some times I miss working in an office because there is just so MUCH BLOG MATERIAL. I'm not even kidding. I remember at my last office there was a bathroom between our office and the office of home health nurses. Every day when they came back from their clients, they'd serious trash the bathroom. Poop in the toilets and not flush, tampons or pads on the floor, some weird goo over the mirror and NOT ONE would wash their hands. Not one. I used to have to put signs in there like, "Flush the toilet you filthy animal" or "wash your fucking hands- you're disgusting". The grossest people ever to work next to. I won't even get into the discussion of why people thinks it's OK to leave their food to rot in the shared kitchen. Animals, I swear.

  2. hahaha this is hilarious! for reals though, the speed racer!! i have almost been run over like 27 times, so now i don't trust anyone, so i lurk back until they drive away and then they dart across.
    i have this girl in the office next to me who has major FOMO and every time someone talks to me, she pops her head out to contribute her 2 cents. i'm like please go away and do your job!

  3. I had a coworker that would come into my office—we kept that door shut for a reason—and would walk RIGHT UP NEXT TO me so she's in full view of my computer screen and like brushing up against my shoulder. No. No, that is not okay. And she made no act to even pretend like she wasn't fully looking at my screen. Back the eff up.


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