Thursday, July 30, 2015

People You Meet At Shows

I was going to make this part of Monday's post, but it made the post unnecessarily long. However, I've been irked about it since Sunday, so I thought this would be a nice follow up/now I can stop being annoyed about it.

I love going to shows: indoor, outdoor, big, small. I've met some awesome people because of it and we say hi whenever we see each other, play catch up, and generally enjoy just rocking out together.  I love seeing people let loose and dance around, I'm always looking for new makeup/outfit combinations, and seeing people's reactions to the show whether it's their first or 50th time seeing the band.

And then there's the people I avoid like the plague.  If you've ever been to a music venue or festival, I'm pretty sure you've encountered them.

The People You Wish You Didn't Meet At Shows:

// The Over-Doer
This person dresses in a way that you KNOW would never go out in public on a daily basis like that. They're definitely trying too hard. I'm all about autonomy and to each their own, but I have a problem with people putting out an image of what they think they should wear for shock value and then seeming offended when they get that reaction.  Enough is enough.  I can tell you went overboard for this and honestly, it's just awkward. Honorable mention in this category goes to the people looking like they're going out to dinner at the Ritz, wearing 4 inch heels with their little clutch.  This is a rock concert and we're standing in mud.  Shout-out to the dude in the white polo, purple shorts and BOAT SHOES, looking annoyed at the Manson concert.

// The Drunk High-Fiver
This guy.  This guy makes me hate things.  Not at first, because at first he's only slightly inebriated, so it's all in good fun.  You and your fellow concert goers indulge him as he runs around trying to get as many high fives as possible.  You laugh and roll your eyes.  Then he has a little more to drink and comes back again.  You still laugh.  When he comes back for a 3rd time, pretty drunk and possibly missing an article or two of clothing (presumably because he's spilled alcohol on them) the annoyance sets in.  Okay dude, we get it, you're drunk and high fives seem like a great idea.  Any subsequent times are met with me giving you a death glare and possibly high fiving you so hard you high five yourself in the face.

// The Videographer
These are the people that experience the entire event through the screen of their device.  I will be the first one to break out my phone to take a quick clip of my favorite song, or a million photos of some cool lighting happening.  I want memories.  I can only assume these people want to watch the entire thing over again once the show is done. What do you do with 2 hours of a recorded concert ? Do you really go home and watch it again ?  I can't imagine you make any money off your shaky iPhone (or WORSE, iPad) video.  What is the purpose of viewing the entire show you spent money on to see live if you're only going to watch it digitally the whole time anyway ? Also, I'm short and you're blocking my view. Go die.

// The Unenthusiastic
This is the opposite of the Videographer, although they are staring at a screen during the show.  This person sits through the whole show, barely looks at the stage, can be seen checking Facebook and Reddit throughout the set and generally looks like they would rather be anywhere but where they are. Why are you here ? You bum me out.  Go home.

// The Soap Opera Couple
This is the couple that gets so drunk they have to use each other to stand up, unsuccessfully, yet manages to have a very animated argument in a very public way. I get it.  A concert/festival is the perfect venue to stage whatever dysfunction you need to display.  When you pull my attention away from what I paid decent money to see, I want to hurt you.  No one cares about whatever trivial thing you've decided at THAT MOMENT is so important it can't wait until after the show.  This is usually brought on only after copious amounts of alcohol have been consumed.  I get it, you guys want to make a scene and go home and have awesome make up sex.  Cool, whatever. Don't interrupt my night for it.

Then you get the REAL weirdos:

Anyway, I know this is only the tip of the iceberg.  What type of people irk you at concerts ?


  1. I can never help but actually laugh out loud when I see people walking onto lawn shoes in any sort of open shoes, but it's even better when they're heels of any sort. Girlfriend, you're in for a fun surprise.

  2. HAHA. I will keep a look out when I go to my first one.

  3. You know what annoys me? People with fucking selfie sticks. I swear to god one day I will fucking break one. I was at my beach vacation and some manatees beached their selves (but they're okay) and some dumb bitch in front of me was using a selfie stick and I was having trouble trying to get a photo. I seriously wanted to dunk her face in the water. So, yah. People that use those things at events or whatever piss me off.

  4. i rarely go to concerts so i don't know what kind of people irk me lol.. but i'm gonna guess all of these people. i used to take photos / video when i was younger, then i would get home and realise that i had missed the whole concert and nope, never watched the video or looked at the photos again, well not enough to warrant missing the show! so now i might take a clip or two like you said, but other than that i'm pretending cell phones don't exist lol.

  5. Hi! I am Pamela over at A Little Glitter. Kristen gave you a shout out during the Share the Love Link-Up I am hosting. It's nice to e-meet you! This post cracks me up. I have met all these people with the exception of high five guy. I see your weirdo concert people and raise you the normal looking couple (girl and husband) sitting directly next to your 10 year old daughter at a Taylor Swift concert that start smoking pot. Needless to say it did not go well for them but I was not forced to karate chop them and just a loud shame-yelling was enough for them to go sit somewhere else. Pot at concerts is awesome but not at one where every other seat is occupied by a little girl. Lame. Anyway, it was nice to meet you and I will be following along from now on :)

  6. I've been to many-a-shows in my time, and I couldn't agree more with this list, but I gotta add a couple more. The talkers (especially at small venues) - if you wanted to go out with friends, drink, and have a chat, then why did you pay to see this live musician or band? Go to a bar or venue instead with tables to sit and chat. girlfriends and I used to see a couple of the same guys at shows...we called them The Creepers. They are the guys who take advantage of a general admission show to creep up as close to you as possible and possibly rub against you. You think you found a great spot to stand with an awesome view, and the creeper shows up out of nowhere! Glad Kristen "introduced" me to your post.


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