Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I logged in this morning so I could head over and hear all about Alyssa's big news (hint: it's super good news for her !) and realized that all those fun posts I scheduled...never actually posted.  Not a single one.

I can't help but laugh because honestly it's just the icing on the cake of my life at the moment. Oh well.  My intentions were good.  And I'm over here laughing so hard because I spend a good portion of my job writing policies and procedures for a company and I can't follow simple instructions.  The irony is not lost on me.

So now that I have an explanation as to why my inbox has been so empty, I'm going to go giggle to myself while I spend today making overly detailed "How to" instructions for people to follow.

Seriously guys, I can't stop laughing.  This isn't really that funny but apparently I think I'm hilarious.  I think I've lost it. Am I crazy ? (The answer is yes.)  I hope you're laughing at  with me !

What's the silliest thing you've accidentally done ?


  1. Did blogger eat my comment or do you moderate? If the latter, ignore this.
    Thanks for the love, and also, I've totally done that before. Either I scheduled the date/time and never actually hit publish, or I had it set to publish in a different year or at PM rather than AM... geniusness.

  2. hahaha you are hilarious. that sucks. i have done many a stupid thing, i couldn't possibly narrow it down ;)


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