Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WeebleNugget Gets Social

You guys, I went a little overboard.  I'm not even ashamed to admit that last week, I went social media Weeble-crazy.  But to be honest, I got some not so great news and needed a distraction. So there's nothing major here today (sorry !) but if you want, you can take the time you would have spent reading whatever I wrote here and go check out those fun little buttons over there on the right and come join my social media crazy.  Or click here.  Or here. Or maybe here.  

I need some time to sort some stuff out so I'm sorry if I'm not commenting on your posts or answering your comments right away...I WILL SOON I PROMISE ! I've got a few fun posts that will show up this week (can we talk about how awesome the "Scheduling" function is ?!) and I will be back in full force very soon !

For know, enjoy this:



  1. No one expects you to not have a real life outside of blogging. I never mind it when bloggers take a day off—I don't have time 5 days a week to read posts from all the blogs I subscribe to, so a day off for a blogger is a needed break for me too ;) just get here when you can get here, it's all good. Also, hugs. <3

  2. i did enjoy that video very much, thank you. even though i've seen it before it never gets old. ooh voldy voldymort! hahaha.
    hope everything is okay!! and i agree with Alyssa :)


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