Monday, June 22, 2015

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I would never in a million years quit my job.  Not because I'm exactly thrilled to wake up and go everyday, but because it pays the bills, gives me some dollars to do fun things, and not accumulate anymore debt.  I can live on my own and that's what matters.  Not to mention the golden rule is, you never quit a job unless you have something else lined up.  And let's not forget, "It's always easier to find a job when you have a job." So obviously I would never dream of just up and quitting.

Except dream I do.  CONSTANTLY. I'm not made to sit behind a desk in an office, wear "business casual" (WTF does that even mean ? If anyone has a definitive answer to this, please tell me. Thanks.) and waste all my time not being outside or doing whatever the hell I want.  I know, I know, I know.  I'm supposed to, I have to, that's part of being an adult, blah, blah, blah...I CAN'T HEAR YOU I'M IN DREAMLAND RIGHT NOW.

Things I would do if money were no object and I didn't have to work:

  • Travel (Duh.) : Anywhere and everywhere. More specifically, I would get an RV and drive across the US so I could set foot in the 24 states I have yet to set foot in. And then off to as many islands as I could before heading over to Europe.  And since dollars don't count in dreamland, let's set foot in every continent while we're at it (I've already got 2 ! 5 more to go !)
  • Run : This can pretty much be accomplished while doing the above.  But how amazing would it be if I didn't have to schedule my runs around work and adult responsibility ? Pretty effing amazing.
  • Learn things : I'm a philosopher, remember ? I need to know all the things all the time. The world is huge and too many things to learn.  I need to fill my brain up. I can't even list all the things I want to do.  Just assume everything.
  • Sleep In & Netflix Binge : I had a small taste of that during my unemployment and as long as it's supplemented with fun things every other day, hot damn is this not an awesome way to chill out and recharge.
  • Start a dog rescue : This has to be one of the most financially and time consuming endeavors.  I would buy so much land and hire awesome people to help so I could save all the fur babies.
In summation: I want to experience life fully.  On my terms, in my own way.

But since I don't have unlimited money and DO have adult responsibility (which by the way, I'd like to return since I never signed up for this) I'll have to settle for making the most of my time outside the office.  I might just jump on the 30 X 30 bandwagon.  So, until a miracle happens that will make all my daydreaming a reality, I won't quit my day job.

If you had unlimited money and no job, what would you do ?


  1. Most of these things. I've always wanted to start an animal sanctuary, among a zillion other things. And you know about my Winnebego dreams. Sigh. One day, maybe...

  2. I've been intentionally trying to make the most of my after-work time (however limited it may be) for this reason. I don't mind going to work, but it's also not something I'd choose to do if I didn't have to so thinking about how much time I effectively waste makes me sad. I like the concept of work because I need structure and to do things that are productive to society and crap like that, but I do wish there weren't so much of it in a day. I'd love to be able to do all the things you listed too. Ben and I have always talked about starting a ferret rescue (not a joke - we have two now and have had 5 total over the years)!

  3. if i had unlimited time and money, i'd travel. immediately. i'd volunteer places. i'd lay around and do nothing. wouldn't it be glorious? stupid bills and life.


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