Monday, June 15, 2015

Sassy Siri

I drive a base model Mazda 3.  Which means my car has no power locks or cruise control.  But it came standard with an AUX cable (priorities-go figure).  After going through umpteen cables like these guys from Target, I decided I was seriously sick of fighting with wires, decided I in no way was going to shell out a boatload of cash to get an aftermarket Bluetooth stereo installed and instead splurged a whopping $25 on this guy.  Minus the fact that I have to make sure I turn it off before I get out of the car so it doesn't die on me, it pretty much rocks.  Now I just have to turn it on, listen for the beeps and boom, hands free !  

Sometimes when I'm driving though, I don't feel like listening to the radio or using all my data to listen to spotify.  This past weekend, after skipping so many songs, I was like "Meh, don't feel like it," and went to turn off my bluetooth guy.  I had my phone in it's little holder thingy, and as I'm holding the button, it makes a weird bloopy noise and I notice Siri has popped up on my phone. 

Um, what ?! So stupid me never realized that my GoGroove ALSO works as a microphone.  Now the wheels start turning.

I've never been a big user of Siri because I've never really had a need for it.  Last year I messed with her once:

I knew you could say all sorts of things to Siri and I've used her to send texts when I travel the 18 hours round trip journey to Jersey.  But I wanted to see how sassy this Siri was. 

*Note: I took the screenshots AFTER I got back to my apartment, since you can scroll back up and see all the things you've asked.  Safe driving ALWAYS !*

I started out small:

Well ! Okay then !  Guess the rule about "Don't ask a woman's age" applies here as well. After asking a few other things like "When were you born", I moved on to random questions that I knew a virtual assistant might have some interesting answers to.

Now that sounds like someone that would be my assistant !  I'm going to be completely honest and say that I had a "Go big or go home" moment at that point and all bets were off. 

Sometimes I could get multiple sassy answers from the same question !

Okay, this is awesome.  Now I'm having the best time ever and I'm just going for it at this point.

Major props for the Hitchhiker's reference !  This might be the best idea I've ever had.  Now to get down to the real stuff.

At this point, I've pulled into my apartment complex and I'm sitting in my car, screenshot-ing all the sass.  I was pretty thrilled that whoever created Siri had a sense of humor and I think we should slow clap it out for the guy who makes the robot have an attitude.  Then I remembered- wait, robot, robotics laws...oh god this should be good.  And good it was.

There are so many websites out there that list all the different things you can say to Siri to get a funny reaction and I want to go try them all.  

For those of you that have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad or anything that has Siri on it, try something out.  I want to hear what crazy things you get ! 


  1. I really never use Siri (or Siro, the male voice I put on my phone because I'm difficult and just can't leave well enough alone) but I'm pretty sure I know how I'm going to spend my entire drive to Philly in a few weeks now.

  2. This is hilarious! I just found out the other day that Siri talks about herself in 3rd person. I was trying to get directions home from WV (spotty/nonexistant cell service) and she goes, "Siri requires an internet connection." Well...okay then.

  3. these are hilarious!! Siri hates me because of my accent, and when she does understand me she's all serious and boring and never funny like your Siri is.


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