Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy Birthday !

Can you believe that 1 year ago today, From Zero to 13.1 started ?! I mean, have 365 days seriously passed already ?

Wow.  Just wow.

Did you miss it ? Don't worry, the posts didn't go anywhere so you can click through them and catch up !  I will say that after looking back at the posts from last year vs thinking about everything that's happened, I'm going to make a point to be more open.  I feel like everyone has a tiny, microscopic glimpse into who I am based on what I've posted and that's cool and all, but I feel like there's SO MUCH MORE we could talk about, explore, and learn.  

That being said, I want to give my space a teeny tiny makeover - nothing drastic, but after a year of the same look, I think a good birthday present to the Weeble space is in order.  I look at all these blogs that have been around awhile and I'm a little envious of how great they look and the changes they go through as they evolve.  Why am I telling you this and not just doing it ? Part of it is that I just don't have the time or patience to spend hours tweaking it to perfection.  I love the blog design I have now, created by Natalie from Revel & Design. [ut I can't find her ! She seems to have disappeared !  [UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing Kristen, I know where she moved ! YAY !] I just want to tweak some small things. Like literally just the fonts and colors (maybe).  

When I first started blogging for real last year, I had Alyssa tied up on gchat for the better part of a day making sure I didn't make any rookie mistakes. But the girl has a life and I've met some pretty cool people in the blogging world, so it's time to reach out and branch out !

I know there are so many tutorials all over the place, and I think I will dedicate a weekend afternoon to blog beautification one day.  So, inquiring minds want to know:

-What is your MUST HAVE feature on your blog ?
-What do you love/hate to see when visiting someone's blog ?
-What would you love to see on my blog that isn't there ?
-Anything you wish would go away ?

I want to hear from you guys, because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't really be here ! I may or may not take any/all of your suggestions, but you're the veterans rock stars here and I trust your advice.  If you know any other bloggers that I should ask, let me know !

Before I leave you for the day, I need to give a HUGE shout-out to the girls who have kept me going this whole year: AlyssaTracy, & Kristen. These girls have made a point to stop by whenever my lazy butt decides to post and have even migrated over to Instagram to make THAT feel loved too ! You three definitely get the dedicated blogger support award from me :)


  1. awwwww thanks lovely :) happy blogiversary!!
    I'm not sure if it's the same Natalie, it could be a different Natalie, but I know a Natalie (so many Natalies in this sentence) who does web page design thingys but I think she calls herself Design Stoned now. Not sure if it's the same Natalie.
    Must have feature on my blog? Eeep, I don't know! I will say I think all blogs should have social media buttons, a best of type page, archives and a search function. just because when I find a new blog, I love to stalk them and read all the posts haha.

  2. Blogger love, blogger love all around <3 (Still happy to answer any questions, but I'm far from an expert myself!)
    -What is your MUST HAVE feature on your blog ? — I dunno, I guess everything that's there pretty much. Navigation toward my favorite posts/categories and social links, probably.
    -What do you love/hate to see when visiting someone's blog ? — There has to be an about page, and if you've been blogging a year or more, I'd like to see a "best of" page. I want to get to know the blogger and these two things are the best way to do it. Also, I have another that I hate to see but I'll save that for email when you reply to this.
    -What would you love to see on my blog that isn't there ? — Um, more posts for starters! ;) And also, dogs.
    -Anything you wish would go away ? — NOTHING

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! :) Happy to keep up with you whenever you do pop in and of course on IG. I'm glad you're making a return to blogging and can't wait to see what else you come up with!
    As for your questions...
    -What is your MUST HAVE feature on your blog ?
    -What do you love/hate to see when visiting someone's blog ? Like Kristen and Alyssa said, all the necessary tools I need to stalk you (About Me page, search, some type of best of or popular posts section, and definitely social media buttons!)
    -What would you love to see on my blog that isn't there ? Well since you already said you wanted to do more posts about you and who you are, I would just like to second that motion.
    -Anything you wish would go away ? Nope!


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