Friday, June 19, 2015

Monsters (Part 2)

If any of you have taken the time to give my About Me a gander, you've probably seen pictures of my monsters.  And by monsters I mean my four-legged children, Ryker (read his adoption story hereand Sadie.

Trying to get a non-blurry photo where both of them are looking in the same direction at the same time doesn't happen.

Both dogs are from an amazing rescue in Ohio and contrary to what most people think, they are not biological brother & sister-but don't you DARE try and separate them.  Now grab some pillows and blankets and get comfy for story time.  Let me tell you how I ended up with Sadie, my brindle pocket pit mutt.
About 6 months after I had adopted Ryker, a lot had changed.  Ryker and I had both been through the ringer, but we were good, surviving, and being best buddies.  I wanted to bring Ryker back to the PetSmart when the rescue I got him from would be there.  He was such a happier dog and I wanted them to see what an amazing thing they did, bringing the two of us together.

Now, Ryker wasn't very good with other dogs at this point.  He'd been through a lot in his little puppy life so I was hoping to make it a quick visit.  As we approached the front to say hi, there was the wiggliest dog I'd ever seen running back and forth in the playpen.  While Ryker went over and smothered his old friends in kisses, I went over to play with this adorable little pit bull looking puppy.  The second I bent down, my face was drenched.  This dog didn't give kisses - she gave you a bath !

They told me her name was Jill and that they didn't know what kind of mutt she was but she was full grown since she was about a year and a half already.  Fun Fact: I had actually seen her the day I went home with Ryker but she was still a "baby" so someone else  scooped her up.  Of course at that point, I then made the mistake of asking about her story.  She had been adopted and returned.  Sound familiar ?!

While I was listening to her story, I didn't even pay attention to the fact that her and Ryker were now rolling around and playing with one of the toys.  Wait. What ? Ryker doesn't play with other dogs...

I took Ryker into PetSmart to go pick out some new toys and he resisted.  Here I was, trying to get this dog spoiled and he wanted to go back outside.  So back we went, and back to the brindle mutt he went.  Well, it would be nice for him to not be home by himself all day.  And they're basically the same size.  And I grew up always having 2 dogs in the house.

Out of curiosity, I asked them, hypothetically, if I wanted to take this lowrider home with me, what would they want from me (aka how much)?

"We just want our harness back."

Her first picture as part of the family - May 22, 2011

Since my sister's name was too close to Jill, a couple names were tossed around until one day I called her Sadie.  It was a lightbulb moment and she's been Sadie ever since !  I still don't know what kind of dog she is and I refuse to spend money on those doggy DNA tests.  It's like a fun party game: Guess the Sadie breed.  Whatever she is, she's super needy and lovey and obnoxiously adorable.  

So there you have it ! How I ended up with my kids.  I spoil them rotten, I made them fat, and I wish I could afford a house so they could have a huge yard to play in.  But for now, they get the dog park and long walks, all the peanut butter and bones they can (and probably shouldn't) eat, and basically run of the house.

I like to think they're pretty happy.

I fully believe that you don't choose your pet; your pet picks you.  How did you end up with your best friend ?


  1. Old lady Sadie pictures = <3 <3 <3 <3 I miss them.

  2. OMG seriously tearing up at this. I can't believe Sadie had been returned too. Love that you have not one but two super sweet stories of how you ended up with your pups. So awesome that they have each other and love each other so much, melts my heart! Sometimes I wish Bane had a doggy sibling.
    Oh and fun fact: we got one of those DNA tests for Bane, just for funsies and because we've heard 5 million different guesses on what breeds he might be. It told use one of his parents is a lab mix, and the other one is...wait for it...full bred Dalmatian. He *did* have some spots coming through his baby fuzz when he was little but...yeah, I dunno about that one. We could probably do another one and have it tell us he's full bred poodle, honestly.


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